Monitor status of website for both uptime and performance

Unique tools monitor status of websites to capture user experience at prices anyone can afford

Uptrends offers a website monitoring service unlike anything available. While there are dozens of competitors, none can match Uptrends for both features and price.

Like many competitors, Uptrends works outside your network infrastructure to visit your site every few minutes and verify that the website is loading and available. And when the site isn't available, you will receive an email and/or an SMS message to alert you to the problem. Competitors that focus solely in this area tend to offer few advanced tools, but prices that are extremely low.

On the other hand, there are a small number of companies that boast a wide range of more advanced tools that capture data on website load time data, and an array of diagnostic tools for identifying performance bottlenecks and frequent causes of errors. As you would expect, these more advanced competitors charge a considerable amount of money for these tools.

At Uptrends, we have positioned ourselves as the obvious choice in the field due to our ability to monitor status of websites with extremely advanced tools, while also remaining price competitive with the less powerful tools on the market. Needless to say, Uptrends is a fraction of the cost of any other company that offers comparable products.

Uptrends offers premier tools to monitor status of website availability and performance

Some of the many highlights of Uptrends include:

  • Monitor every step of an online transaction such as shopping cart processes, logins or user registrations. Web application monitoring allows monitoring of entire infrastructure capabilities, not just a home page
  • Monitor status of website page elements too. Easily pinpoint elements that slow load time
  • Instant alerts when websites fail sent by SMS, email, instant messenger, RSS feed and Windows sidebar gadget. Double verification of all errors insures the absence of false alarms
  • Create multiple operators and escalation levels
  • The most simple to use control panel in the industry
  • Easy to generate and export reports via email, Excel, PDF and more. Reports are extremely powerful yet remain easy enough to read, even for non-technical users

Start today and monitor status of website performance and availability for free!

Uptrends is used by thousands of companies in 23 countries around the world and enjoys a renewal rate of over 90% of users, year over year. To find out why, we invite you to register a free 4-week trial account today. There is no credit card required, no software to download and no obligation of any kind. Get your free account now.