Monitor uptime

Monitor uptime with Uptrends, and be the first to know if downtime occurs.

If you want to reduce downtime of your website or servers, simply monitor uptime with Uptrends. Setup is fast and easy, and there is no software to install. Sign up for a free 4-week trial now, and start to monitor uptime. The free 4-week trial is totally risk-free.

Why do you need to monitor uptime?

When you monitor uptime for your website or servers, you will be the first to know if downtime occurs. Why is this important? The answer is simple: Either your website and servers will meet the customers’ needs, or those customers will go somewhere else. So, when the uptime of your website or servers is not 100 percent, you will:

  • Lose visitors, leads, customers and users
  • Damage your brand
  • Marketing conversions will decrease and
  • Lose revenue.

Monitor uptime. View detailed reports and receive alerts on your mobile phone!

Uptrends makes it easy to monitor uptime for your website or server: Sign up for a free 4-week trial, and Uptrends will do the rest. Just fill in the form, and we will start to monitor uptime. Once you have signed up, you will be able to view detailed reports on your uptime, load time and errors, and alerts will be sent your mobile phone or e-mail.

Uptime reports: Uptrends provides a variety of detailed uptime reports. From our global checkpoints, we continuously monitor uptime for your website or server. It is the reliable way yet to monitor uptime. You can view the uptime for a specific URL or IP address or a group over a specific period.

Loadtime reports: Uptrends provides many detailed reports about the load time of your website. Because we have monitoring stations all over the world, you will be able to view the load times of where your visitors or customers are. If you want to monitor multiple step transactions, you will be able to see exactly how long each step takes before your visitors and customers can see it.

Error types: View many detailed reports and easy-to-read graphs of error types. Uptrends will indicate the cause of the failure, automatically perform a traceroute and make an actual snapshot of the error.

Monitor uptime for multiple pages

You have started to monitor uptime for your website, and that is a very positive step. However, is it also working? It is important to monitor uptime for multiple pages, which is why we Uptrends also offers the transaction monitor service. You can download our transaction recorder and then create and upload the scripts to your Uptrends account. Examples of the multiple-step monitor uptime service include shopping baskets, internal search engines and forms. 

Monitor website performance

Uptrends is also an excellent way to monitor uptime and site performance. The Uptrends website performance monitor service is used to monitor each element of an HTML page. It will show you which elements will slow down your page. Of course, you can also receive alerts when your website is slow. Click here to learn more about how to monitor uptime and site performance.