Monitor Web access

Monitor Web access from the end user's perspective. A global monitoring network.

Uptrends is a hosted monitor service that you can use to monitor web access from the end user’s perspective. No new software installation is necessary. When you sign up for a free 4-week trial, we will start to monitor web access within 5 minutes. Sign up for a free 4-week trial.

Uptrends is the easy, accurate way to monitor Web access. You can monitor a regular URL, HTTP login or check to see if a specific keyword is available. Also, when you download our transaction recorder you can monitor multiple steps of your website. You can even use our transaction monitor service to monitor Web access. Uptrends will use its global network to monitor Web access for you. We have our own fully redundant monitoring network with checkpoints worldwide, and you can choose as many checkpoints as you want. This way, you can monitor Web access from the cities or countries where your visitors or users are located.

When you use Uptrends to monitor Web access, you will be the first to know in the event of a failure.

If visitors or users cannot access your website, Uptrends will send alerts to your mobile phone and via e-mail, RSS and IM. You can add unlimited contacts to your Uptrends account so that co-workers or clients can also be informed. Each alert contains the name of the URL, server or transaction that is not working. The e-mail alerts will also contain a traceroute, which can help you pinpoint the cause of the failure. You can define the maintenance and escalation settings, too. Uptrends even lets you view snapshots of errors, so that trouble-shooting becomes more efficient.

Real-time reports about availability, performance and errors

Uptrends provides detailed reports about your website’s availability and performance. We also provide detailed reports and analysis of error types. The detailed reports feature graphs that are easy to see and understand.

Sign up for a free Uptrends trial account today, and start to monitor web access.

Because we are convinced of our capacity to monitor web access, performance and availability, we want to offer you a free 4-week trial account. There is no obligation, and it is totally risk-free. See why thousands of customers rely on the monitor services of Uptrends. Click here to sign up for a free 4-week trial account.