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Monitor Web Site availability with Uptrends remote monitoring services

If it is important to you that your website is online and available around the clock, you need a trusted service like Uptrends to alert you when your site experiences downtime. With a global network of checkpoints, you will always know when your website experiences downtime or excessive page load times. When there is a problem, you will get an instant alert via e-mail, SMS, RSS or IM.

Uptrends provides a powerful control panel which ensures you have complete flexibility in how you set up and manage your account. You can set as many operators as you would like, customize alert escalation levels, assign specific probe alerts to specific teams or individuals on your staff and easily add, remove and edit existing probes. Configuration and management are a snap with this extremely intuitive user interface. There is no software to install and an almost non-existent learning curve. In fact, you can have your Uptrends account fully operational in under a minute! If you would like to monitor web site availability and the stability of your online transactions with the premier monitoring service from Uptrends, we invite you to register now for a free, fully featured 4-week trial today!

Why use Uptrends to monitor web site availability and page load times?

  • Uptrends provides the most powerful, yet easy to use control panel in the industry.
  • Access to a tremendous array of online reports and charts to make sure you get the data you need in an easy to understand format
  • We monitor exactly what your site visitors see or actions they take. You’ll know exactly what the user experience is on your site
  • Unlike our competitors, we do not charge extra for using our full global network of checkpoints.
  • Full flexibility with user defined alert settings, escalation levels, operators, data extraction, maintenance periods and more
  • We double verify all errors before alerting you to insure you never receive a false alarm.
  • You receive daily summary reports by email so you’re always on top of what’s happening with your site or transactions
  • There is no easier way to set up and launch transaction monitoring than with our transaction recorder. You simulate what your users do and we record it and start mimicking and monitoring those actions. It’s that simple!
  • Access a screenshot of every error detected along with trace route information and detailed error logs to help you diagnose issues
  • We save historical data inside your control panel for up to two years; the longest in the industry.
  • Easily the most affordable tool on the market for comparable product features

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We want to show you why over 1500 customers in 23 countries rely on Uptrends to monitor web site availability and ensure that their online transactions continue to work as intended. Sign up for your free trial account and yo wi’ll have this premier monitoring service running in under a minute!