Monitor website changes, availability and performance 24X7

Powerful yet simple to use tools to monitor web site changes and site performance

When you have a website whose uptime, performance and content are important to your organization's success, you have many alternatives on the market from which to choose. At, we provide ourselves on being the most sophisticated tool of its kind at prices that are a fraction of the expense of anything with a similar feature set. And when you wrap this unique service with a logical and simple user interface, you end up with a product that has gained accolades from thousands of companies in 23 different countries.

One way that Uptrends differs from competitors is we believe in giving our customers access to our entire global website monitoring network with no extra fees per checkpoint. Uptrends will visit and record data on your website every few minutes, rotating through a user-defined rotation of cities across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We monitor for availability, speed and content on every visit.

And here are just some of the many features that make this service truly rise above the competition:

  • Monitor load time and availability for each step of an online scenario, including drop down menus, third party elements and everything your end users do during an e-commerce transaction, log-in or registration. Start monitoring site capabilities, not just a home page
  • Monitor web site changes with keyword match tool. Select to be alerted when given words do or do not appear on the page
  • Check availability and load time of individual page elements on any page to easily pinpoint elements that cause site failures
  • No charge to view screen shots taken from your site-visitors perspective anytime your site goes down.
  • When a problem arises, you get an instant alerts by SMS, email, instant messenger, RSS feed and Windows sidebar gadget. We double verify every error, so you never get a false alarm
  • Configure an infinite number of operators or operator groups along with alert escalation levels
  • The most simple to use control panel in the industry
  • Easy to generate and export reports showing load time, availability and errors going back as far as two years. Reports are easy to find, generate and most of all, interpret.

Start today and monitor website changes, availability and performance for free!

To see why over 90% of Uptrends users renew their accounts year after year, we encourage you to register a completely free 4 week trial account. There is no software to download, no credit card required and no obligation of any kind. In less than a minute you can have all of the above features activated and running. And when you compare Uptrends to any other product on the market, we think you will agree with our customers worldwide that Uptrends provides the most sophisticated tools on the market at prices that are a fraction of the competition. Come get your free account now!