Monitor forms within your website pages from the end user’s perspective

Your website or online shop may be available, but does it always work? With the Uptrends transaction monitoring service, you will always know if your online business processes are working. Because of the complexity involved, there is a risk that certain parts of your website might not function properly. If a failure occurs, your users or (potential) customers will not be able tocomplete the transaction which will not only result in the loss of revenue, but will diminish your online reputation as well.

The Uptrends transaction monitoring feature allows our clients to monitor forms within their website pages- whether it is a contact form, a search form, or even an online order form. Uptrends can continuously monitor your Web application transactions and alert you in the event that any of the various steps in your transaction does not work correctly. In fact, the Uptrends monitoring platform allows you to simulate the submission of data to a web server, in either POST or GET forms- which is an HTTP standard for sending data to your web server.

Uptrends will monitor form website pages and transactions continuously from the end user’s perspective. When your website, transaction or web services are not working, Uptrends will immediately perform a double check from a different checkpoint which is located in a different city or country. Uptrends can monitor your forms within your website pages through our own, fully redundant global monitoring network of over 100 checkpoints located in every major city throughout the world. If an error does occur, Uptrends will automatically send you alerts via SMS, e-mail, RSS and IM. We will notify you as to the type of error recorded as well as when the error has been. The Uptrends’ powerful control panel allows you to add unlimited contacts and define maintenance and escalation levels. Because Uptrends is a real-time business transaction monitor service, you will always be the first to know when there is downtime. By minimizing downtime, you help prevent the loss of leads and revenue, and you enhance the visitor experience.

Why monitor your website’s forms with Uptrends?

Uptrends is an advanced website monitoring tool that includes the following benefits:

  • Monitor forms with your website pages using POST or GET request from end-users perspective
  • Monitor just a single URL, or add unlimited multiple steps
  • No software installation required. Easy to configure. Up-and-running within 1 minute
  • Largest global monitoring network available. 100+ checkpoints worldwide
  • Receive instant notifications when an error a form occurs
  • Detailed online and email performance reports for quick and thorough analyzes.
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Powerful control panel with user-defined alert, escalation and maintenance settings
  • Infinite array of configurable reports which are easily exported by email, PDF or Excel
  • Offices in both the US and Europe offering you free customer support.

Start to monitor forms within your website pages with Uptrends

Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of server, website, transactions and SLA monitoring services for over 2500 satisfied customers in 45 countries. Uptrends has offices in both the US and Europe, which allows you to capitalize on our free support, which is based in several time zones. Signup for a free 4 week trial account and start to monitor form website pages within minutes.