Monitor shopping basket website pages from the end users’ perspective

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer in your internet shop than when they are attempting to check out and complete a purchase and the shopping cart has a slow response rate. Transactions should take place in seconds or less. If a failure occurs during checkout, your (potential) customer cannot continue the business process and will go elsewhere; leaving you with a loss of reputation and revenue as a result. Therefore it is important for online retailers to monitor shopping basket website pages because they must be aware of any potential technical issues that may arise because of shopping cart failures.

Uptrends is a hosted Transaction Monitoring service that continually monitors shopping basket website pages and alerts you when any of the various steps in a transaction don’t work correctly. Uptrends offers a fully redundant global monitoring network, which allows you to monitor shopping basket website pages from end user’s perspective. Uptrends is the easy, accurate way to monitor your online transaction engines such as shopping carts, product searches, registration pages, forms and logins to see if these web applications function properly. Uptrends Transaction Monitoring helps you increase revenue and enhance your reputation for an excellent performance online.

Make things easy for yourself and start to monitor your shopping basket website pages with Uptrends Transaction Monitoring. Sign up for a free 4 week trial.

Why monitor you shopping basket website pages with Uptrends?

Uptrends is an advanced website monitoring tool that includes the following benefits:

  • Monitor shopping basket pages from end-users perspective
  • Monitor just a single URL, or add unlimited multiple steps
  • Exceptionally easy to use transaction recorder to mimic your user’s behavior and start monitoring
  • Uptrends will monitor your transactions every 5 or 10 minutes
  • No software installation required. Easy to configure. Up-and-running within 1 minute
  • Largest global monitoring network available. 100+ checkpoints worldwide
  • Receive instant notifications when an error with your web shop or web application occurs
  • Detailed online and email performance reports for quick and thorough analyzes.
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Powerful control panel with user-defined alert, escalation and maintenance settings
  • Infinite array of configurable reports which are easily exported by email, PDF or Excel
  • Offices in both the US and Europe offering you free customer support.

Start to monitor shopping basket website pages with Uptrends

Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of server, website, transactions and SLA monitoring services for over 2500 satisfied customers in 45 countries. Uptrends has offices in both the US and Europe which allows you to capitalize on our free support, which is based in several time zones. Signup for a free 4 week trial account and start monitoring your shopping basket website pages within minutes.