Monitoring scripts

Start monitoring scripts with Uptrends. It is accurate, reliable and easy to set up.

Now you can start monitoring scripts with Uptrends, all from the end user’s perspective. You can easily monitor scripts to check login, forms, click paths, internal search engines and shopping baskets. Uptrends, with offices in the U.S. and Europe, is a leading provider of website performance management services. Thousands of customers--including IBM, eBay, Accenture, Shell and many, many others, rely on the monitor services that Uptrends provides.

Uptrends delivers detailed reports regarding site availability, performance and error types. So, it is possible to focus on specific points and view additional details with respect to each check. That way you can see, for example, easily it took such a long time to download a specific URL or transaction step. Of course, Uptrends can also send you and your other designated contacts alerts via SMS, e-mail, RSS and IM.

How to create monitoring scripts. Uptrends’ advanced transaction recorder.

It is very easy to create monitoring scripts with Uptrends. Simply download our transaction recorder. Once you have installed it, you can navigate through your site, click on links, and fill in forms or logins. Uptrends will record it all. When you are done, you can easily upload the script to your Uptrends account. We will then automatically begin monitoring the scripts. Of course, our performance consultants will be happy to help you too. We can even create monitoring scripts for you at no additional fee. Just provide the transaction steps, and we will do the rest.

Monitoring scripts from the perspective of the real visitor, user and customer When you use the Uptrends monitoring scripts, you will be able to monitor from the end user’s perspective. Accordingly, Uptrends will start up a real browser each time we monitor your transaction steps. That way, you can monitor exactly how your visitors, users and customers experience your website.

Uptrends has checkpoints in various countries on each continent. Our global monitoring network makes it possible to monitor from cities in which your visitors, customers and users are located.

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Because we are convinced of our value-added service, you can try Uptrends absolutely free. Just sign up for our free 4-week trial, and start monitoring scripts within 5 minutes. With Uptrends, you can try before you buy! Click here to sign up.