Remote Website Monitoring

Be the first to know when your website is down with Uptrends remote Website Monitoring services.

If the online presence of your companies business is critical, you can rely on Uptrends remote Website Monitoring services to provide you with the tools you need to be alerted in the event that your website is loading slow or even becomes inaccessible! A website which is not available means a loss in revenue and a poor visitor experience. Visitors may never return to your website when they experience difficulties opening your website.

Uptrends is a leading provider of advanced remote website monitoring services with more than 2500 customers in 45 countries. Uptrends monitors your website from an end-users perspective from a network of 100+ monitoring checkpoints located in major cities around the globe. No software needs to be installed.

As part of our remote website monitoring services you will:

  • Have a hosted remote website monitoring tool, no software to install and you can be up-and-running within 1 minute
  • Website- transaction- and server monitoring from visitors perspective
  • A monitoring interval of 5 minutes, 24x7x365
  • Receive real time SMS, email, IM alerts by website inaccessibility
  • Have double verification by site outages. No false alerts
  • Detailed online and email error reports. Uptrends makes snapshots of errors
  • Use our powerful and easy to use dashboard
  • Be able to verify SLA objectives from an independent third party
  • Use our global network with 100+ monitoring checkpoints
  • Rely on our free customer support 24H/day

Remote Website Monitoring. Monitor, Diagnose and Report.

Uptrends’ remote Website Monitoring services help you to monitor, diagnose and report on the accessibility and performance of your website. This ensures you that the visitors to your website experience your website as intended. With Uptrends you will have full use of our global monitoring network consisting of 100+ monitoring checkpoint located in most major cities on every continent on the globe. You have access to the most user friendly user interface on the market to define escalation levels, schedule maintenance periods and access a wide variety of other settings for an unlimited number of operators. Learn more about Uptrends website monitoring or sign up for a free 4 week remote website monitoring trial account now.

Transaction Monitoring. Monitor transactions from end-users perspective

Uptrends makes it possible to monitor online business processes such as forms, registration pages, shopping carts and logins which mostly rely on multiple Web services and servers. Because of the complexity involved, there is a risk that certain parts of your website might not function properly. When a failure occurs, visitors cannot continue the order process and will go elsewhere. Uptrends remote Website Monitoring simulates real visitors, users and customers by using the actual Internet Explorer browser to generate real transactions. With the transaction recorder you can easily create your own transactions. Learn more about Uptrends Transaction Monitoring or sign up for a free 4 week remote website monitoring trial account now.

Server Monitoring. Monitor your server from outside the firewall

Monitoring services from Uptrends helps you monitor, diagnose and receive notifications and access reports regarding the performance and availability of your servers. We monitor your server from outside the firewall and from different monitoring checkpoints around the world. When your server is no longer available, we will notify you in real time by SMS, email, RSS and Instant Messages. Learn more about Uptrends Server Monitoring or sign up for a free 4 week remote website monitoring trial account now.

Start monitoring your website with Uptrends remote Website Monitoring

Uptrends serves as a hosted leading provider of website, transaction and server monitoring services to over 2500 customers in 45 countries. And because we have offices in both US and Europe, you are guaranteed around the clock, responsive customer support. No software needs to be installed. Sign up for a free 4 week remote website monitoring trial account now.