Site Monitoring Software

Uptrends is a leading provider of site monitor software designed to ensure that your website, transactions and servers are always accessible and working. Uptrends is a flexible, hosted site monitoring software service that lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors. When your website is not available, or has excessive page load times, we will send you an alert with details regarding the issue. Uptrends has one of the largest monitoring networks available with over 100 checkpoints worldwide. The site monitoring software service from Uptrends will alert you immediately by SMS, email or IM if an error occurs, or one of your servers fails.

Why is Uptrends the obvious choice for site monitoring software?

  • Hosted site monitoring software tool, no software to install
  • Monitor real time URLs, transactions and SLA from a visitor perspective
  • Verify SLA objectives with an independent third party
  • Largest site monitoring software network available
  • Detailed online & email performance reports about uptime, errors and page load time
  • No false alerts due to double verification of site outages
  • Easy to use powerful control panel. Customizable maintenance-, escalation- and alert settings
  • Advanced and affordable site monitoring software service includes free customer support

Use our site monitoring software service to monitor from the visitors’ perspective

The Uptrends site monitoring software service will check your website from over 100 checkpoints all around the world. By employing our global network of monitoring stations in dozens of countries and continents, you will be ensured that you know exactly how your website is performing from anywhere your visitors or customers are located.

Uptrends is more than just availability site monitoring software, you can also monitor transactions, servers and SLA objectives

Uptrends is more than an advanced site monitoring software service. With Uptrends you can also monitor transactions like shopping baskets, forms, login pages or an array of different server protocols. You can also use Uptrends as an independent third party to verify SLA objectives.

Try our site monitoring software risk free. Free 4 week trial.

Uptrends is a leading provider of site monitor software with offices both in the US and Europe. More than 2,500 satisfied customers from 45 countries rely on Uptrends. Become one of them and sign up for a free 4 week site monitoring software trial and start monitoring your site within 1 minute!