Sites Monitoring from Uptrends monitors user perspectives from around the world

24X7 monitoring tool works around the clock; provides page load time and availability data

The web sites monitoring tool from Uptrends alerts you in real time whenever the load time or availability of your site is negatively affecting click through rates, sales or your ability to accomplish your mission critical goals with your site.

When a problem arises, Uptrends alerts you by SMS, email, RSS, MSN instant messenger and Windows sidebar gadget. Uptrends provides trace route information and screenshots taken from the end user perspective that help you identify the performance bottlenecks and other issues that are hampering you from accomplishing your business objectives.

Additionally, Uptrends will provide access to an array of reports and data, including history reaching as far back as two years. And you'll find that exporting the data is easy too! Exports are available via PDF, Excel or e-mail.

At the intersection of product features for sites monitoring while remaining affordable

  • Monitor and generate instant alerts for website downtime or poor performance
  • Easily configure the monitoring of multi-step transactions such as logins or shopping cart processes
  • The most robust reporting tools in the industry either user generated or automated
  • Able to monitor for a keyword to appear on your site
  • Capable of monitoring load time at the page element level
  • Easily the most affordable website speed analysis tool of its kind
  • No cost for using any additional global checkpoints for your monitoring
  • No cost for viewing screenshots of errors recorded during monitoring
  • Generate probe reports for up to 2 years of historical data

Around the clock customer support

While you put one of the most simple to use external monitoring tools to work, you will also find that you have around the clock support at your disposal. Uptrends has offices in the U.S. and Europe to answer your questions, solve unique issues and optimally configure your new account. Come see for yourself why thousands of customers in 23 countries trust Uptrends by signing up for a completely free account for the next 30 days.