Transaction monitor

Our advanced transaction monitor service confirms whether your website is available and working.

Online business processes such as forms, registration pages, shopping carts, product searches and logins rely on multiple Web services and servers. Because of the complexity involved, there is a risk that certain parts of your website might not function properly. But when a failure occurs, a potential customer cannot continue the order process. The customer will go elsewhere, and as a result of the failure you will lose revenue, leads and goodwill. So, try Uptrends free for 4 weeks, totally risk-free. Sign up for a free 4-week trial now.

With the Uptrends transaction monitor service, you can confirm whether specific parts of your website are working. Uptrends can continuously monitor your Web application transaction and alert you when any of the various steps in the transaction do not work correctly. Uptrends can send alerts to unlimited contacts, giving you the power to define who will receive alerts and when they will get them. Monitor transactions from the end user’s perspective.

By simulating real visitors, customers and users, the Uptrends transaction monitor service performs actual checks from within a real browser, enabling monitoring from the end user’s perspective. The transaction monitor service uses Uptrends’ global monitoring network. This is a fully redundant monitoring network with checkpoints in the major cities of various countries on each continent, and that network is continually expanding. The Uptrends global monitoring network makes it possible to monitor the response time from places where your visitors, customers and users are located.

How the Uptrends transaction monitor service works

The Uptrends transaction monitor service functions smoothly and easily. Because we offer our transaction monitoring software as a service, it isn’t necessary to install the software in your own system. Uptrends will monitor your entire Web workflow, including login, the shopping cart and the payment process. Should any part of the transaction monitor process fail, Uptrends will automatically take a snapshot and alert you. So, you will be the first to know if a failure occurs. Thus you will have the ability to get your transactions online before visitors and customers notice the existence of a problem.

You can download our transaction recorder and record each step you take. Once you have recorded all the steps, you can upload the script with one click to your Uptrends account, and we can immediately start monitoring your Web application. Another way to start the transaction monitor service is to let our technical consultants set up your transaction monitor service. We provide this service at no additional cost.