Transaction monitoring

Your website or online shop may be available but does it always work? With the Uptrends transaction monitoring service, you will always know if your shopping cart, registration forms, search engines, logins and applications are working. Uptrends will monitor from the end-user perspective so you can trust that what we see is what your users are seeing. And just to be sure, we double verify all recorded errors from a secondary checkpoint before alerting you of an issue, so you can rest assured that you’ll never receive a false alert. Signup for a free 4 week trial.

Transaction monitoring from the end-user perspective.

Uptrends has global monitoring stations all over the globe to simulate real visitors, users and customers. We can perform a specific click path to verify the functionality of each step of your online transactions. Once we have verified that an error does exist, we will instantly send alerts by SMS, IM, RSS and email. Do not lose visitors, users and customers because of failures. Downtime brings your online business to a screeching halt. When your customers can not reach your website, they may very well go to another service provider. This loss of revenue is why downtime is considered to be so expensive. The sooner you are aware of an issue, the faster you can repair it and resume business. If you have a business critical site, you absolutely need the Uptrends transaction monitoring service to ensure you know of issues the moment they happen.

Transaction recorder: record your own transactions

Easily record your own transactions with the Uptrends Transaction Recorder. The Recorder runs on your own computer, allowing you to click and navigate in your own web pages, fill in logins, contact forms or shopping cart pages, just like you would in your regular browser. We will record every click or selection, and any text you type in your web pages. When you complete your transaction, the Recorder will upload it to your Uptrends account and monitoring will begin immediately.

Why Uptrends transaction monitoring?

  • Exceptionally easy to use transaction recorder to mimic your user’s behavior and start monitoring
  • Add unlimited multiple steps
  • Detailed performance breakdown of individual steps or complete transaction
  • Uptrends will monitor your transactions every 5 or 10 minutes
  • Receive instant alerts on your mobile phone or by email in case of failures
  • Detailed web-based and email reports
  • Global monitoring network. Add unlimited monitoring stations at no additional fee.

Monitor from the end-user perspective so you know what your users are seeing

Uptrends is a leading provider of remote website, application, server and transaction monitoring services. We have monitoring stations in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. More than 1500 customers in 23 countries trust Uptrends and rely on the personalized support from our worldwide offices. Join the leader in transaction monitoring and signup for a free 4 week trial today!