User experience monitor

User experience monitor from different cities around the world. Monitor the real end-user experience.

• Do your visitors say you your website is occasionally slow?
• Do you hear about application problems from end-users?
• Do you want a better way to ensure application performance and delivery?

Why is user experience so important, and why is it ignored by other services? Most tools are designed to monitor infrastructure components and devices from behind the firewall. In fact, 74 percent of all application problems are reported to the IT department by the end-users through the service desk. Uptrends is the user experience monitor service that monitors outside the firewall, from a real browser. Uptrends will monitor the user experience on the website from the cities and regions in which your visitors are located. You really should try the user experience monitor service. Sign up for a free 4 week trial!

Monitor and optimize the user experience. It’s affordable and easy to set up!

It’s easy to set up the user experience monitor. Within just 5 minutes you can start to monitor the user experience. Uptrends’ user experience monitor service can be used in three ways:

• Availability monitoring
• Full page check monitoring from a real browser--monitors each element of an HTML page
• Transaction monitoring--monitors multiple steps of your website from a real browser

With Uptrends’ user experience monitor service, you can monitor a specific URL and each element of the HTML page. You can also use Uptrends to monitor multiple pages. Uptrends can simulate and monitor real visitor click paths through a process we call Transaction Monitoring. For example, many customers use the user experience monitor service to monitor shopping baskets, registration forms, logins, etc.

Uptrends will show you exactly what the user experience is. The user experience monitor service lets you know the total time for each step, as well as the total transaction, from a real browser.

Uptrends has monitoring stations in major cities of different countries such as the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and others. With our global network you can monitor from the precise locations in which your visitors, customers and users are located.

The advantages of Uptrend's user experience monitor for multiple pages:

• Easily monitor end-user experience: Track and alert on application and be notified before problems impact the end-user
• Know before your users do: Proactively alert with early detection that finds problems before end-users call the service desk
• See across geographies: Compare the user experience across different geographic locations
• Transaction steps: Monitor the time used for each step in a user transaction
• Affordable: Pay only for each transaction step--pay only for what you need.

If you chose to monitor the user experience and want to monitor a scenario, our Uptrends consultants can set up the transaction for you at no additional fee. You can also download our advanced transaction recorders. They’re easy to use, too. Simply click and navigate your site, mimicking the actions of your site visitors. Uptrends will record every click and selection, as well as any text you type. When you’re finished, simply upload the script to your Uptrends account with a few clicks, and Uptrends will immediately start to monitor your transaction.

Sign up for a free user experience monitor account. Try before you buy!

Because we’re so convinced of the additional value of our user experience monitor service, we’re offering you a free 4 week trial. No credit card details are required. With Uptrends, you can try it before you buy it!