Switch from Watchmouse to Uptrends.

Uptrends offers many additional advantages for Watchmouse users.

Uptrends is a leading provider of web performance monitoring services. We can monitor your website or servers from more than 90 cities around the globe. We think Uptrends is a good alternative for Watchmouse users. Watchmouse was recently acquired by Nimsoft / CA. Some of their customers were not happy with the acquisition due to the introduction of a different pricing plan and customer support that was being offered Watchmouse, so they have now switched to Uptrends. Uptrends can offer Watchmouse customers the following monitoring services:

The advantages of Uptrends vs. Watchmouse

We believe that Uptrends has the following advantages to offer Watchmouse users:

  • More reports about uptime, errors and load time
  • Better report builder, create tailor made reports
  • Real browser transaction monitoring
  • iPhone, Windows 7 and Android app
  • Uptrends has 90 global checkpoints, Watchmouse has only 62
  • Easier and more powerful control panel
  • Ability to pay in different currencies (US $, Euro and GPB). Watchmouse only offers the ability to pay in US $.
  • More affordable and better pricing. Pay only for what you need.

We make it very attractive to switch from Watchmouse to Uptrends.

Before you switch from Watchmouse to Uptrends, you can try our service free for 4 weeks. If you decide to switch from Watchmouse to Uptrends, we can offer you the following special deal:

  • If you sign up for a 1 year agreement with Uptrends, you will not be charged any fee until your Watchmouse license expires.
  • If you provide a copy of your last Watchmouse invoice, we will give you a 20% discount on this amount on your first Uptrends invoice!

Take the test! See for yourself if you like Uptrends better than Watchmouse. Signup for a free 4 week trial.

Uptrends is now available as a free, four-week trial with full access to our entire service. You will be able to monitor the uptime, performance and transactions of your websites. You can also use it to monitor different server protocols or SLA objectives. Signup today for a free 4 week trial and see the difference between Watchmouse and Uptrends website monitoring!