Web Transaction Monitoring with Uptrends

Reduce the risk of broken or slow web applications with Uptrends web transaction monitoring.

Uptrends web transaction monitoring allows organizations to monitor their multi step website processes on an ongoing basis to identify performance problems and failures that might impact their business’s success. Poor performance due to inaccessibility or slow loading webpages can cost you (potential) customers, revenue and reputation. To compete in today’s complex web environment, you need to monitor website performance thoroughly to ensure optimal performance and availability of your website pages and or web application to meet your performance benchmark objectives. The Uptrends web transaction monitoring services provide 24/7 remote monitoring of the availability and performance of your multi-step web transactions and web-applications, to ensure they are functioning properly in order to provide excellent performance from the end-user perspective.

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Web Transaction Monitoring from the end-user perspective

Uptrends is an external web transaction monitoring service that continually monitors the performance of your web shop or web applications from the end-user perspective. Uptrends simulates real visitors, users and (potential) customers through its use of its extensive global monitoring network with more than 100 checkpoints located on every continent and in all major cities. Using real browsers helps your operational web team identify issues before they impact users and helps to continuously improve website performance.

Detect, Diagnose and Resolve with Uptrends Web Transaction Monitoring

With the web transaction monitoring service from Uptrends you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to help you diagnose errors and improve your website and applications performance. In the event a website failure occurs, Uptrends will take a screenshot of the error, perform an automatic trace route, report the error from the checkpoint where it was recorded and provide you with detailed error log files.

Real time alerts. No false alerts. Define escalation levels and maintenance.

When a transaction or web application error occurs, Uptrends web transaction monitoring services will instant alert you by SMS, email, RSS or Instant Messenger. We will notify you what the issue is and when it has been solved. In case of failures, we will perform a double check, so Uptrends will not send any false alerts. With Uptrends you can define your own escalation settings and alert definitions. You can define maintenance periods as well as who will receive an alert for errors on any site being monitored. Detailed reports provide overall information about the performance of the web applications and online transactions along with each transaction step its components. You can use the Uptrends transaction recorder for recording your own transactions, upload them into your account and start web transaction monitoring immediately.

10 reasons why start web transaction monitoring with Uptrends

We give your 10 reasons why you should start immediately monitoring your website performance with Uptrends:

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3. Largest global monitoring network available. 100+ checkpoints worldwide

4. Monitor just a single URL, or add unlimited multiple steps of website pages with Uptrends Transaction Monitoring from a visitor perspective

5. Receive instant notifications by email, SMS, RSS or IM when an error with occurs

6. Detailed online and email performance reports for quick and thorough analyzes.

7. Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues

8. Powerful control panel with user-defined alert, escalation and maintenance settings

9. Infinite array of configurable reports which are easily exported by email, PDF or Excel

10. Offices in both the US and Europe offering you free customer support.

Sign up and start web transaction monitoring with Uptrends

Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of server, website, transactions and SLA monitoring services for over 2500 satisfied customers in 45 countries. Uptrends has offices in both the US and Europe which allows you to capitalize on our free support, which is based in several time zones. Signup for a free 4 week trial account and start web transaction monitoring within minutes. Software installation is not required nor credit card details are requested.