Website monitoring tool

Be the first to know when your site is down with our external website monitoring tool

With the Uptrends website monitoring tool you will be the first to know when your website is down or if you have slow website pages. Uptrends is an external website monitoring tool which is considerably more reliable than any monitoring service you might run from inside your firewall. We monitor exactly what your visitors, users and customers will experience and report the results to you in real time. Uptrends lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors. Uptrends is a flexible, hosted website monitoring tool that lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors. When your website is not available or has excessive page load times, we send you an alert with details regarding the issue. When an error is recorded, we will record a snapshot of the screen from the user perspective, provide trace route information, provide details on the cause of the error and the location where it was recorded. This gives you unique insight into the actual errors so you can determine if it is an application error, infrastructure error or DNS issue. We also provide log files of all the historical checks that have been performed for the last 90 days as well as other historical data going back two years!

Why Uptrends website monitoring tool?

  • Hosted website monitoring tool, no software to install
  • Real-time website monitoring tool from visitor perspective
  • Monitor website, content, server or transactions
  • Verify SLA objectives with an independent third party
  • Monitoring network with checkpoints in dozens of major cities around the globe
  • Real-time SMS, email, RSS and IM alerts
  • Detailed online & email reports about uptime, errors and loadtime
  • Double verification of site outages eliminates false alerts
  • Snapshots of errors, view what kind of errors your visitors and customers see
  • Powerful control panel. Easily adjust escalation, alert and maintenance settings

Use our website monitoring tool to monitor from the visitor perspective

Uptrends simulates real visitors and customers. We have monitoring stations in all major cities in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Our monitoring stations will continually monitor your website from different cities. And unlike our competitors, you will have full use of our entire network of global monitoring stations without incurring any additional fees. When you utilize our extensive network of monitoring stations , you can be sure that the data you receive is reliable and accurate too. And when an error or problem is recorded, we always perform a double verification check from a different checkpoint before alerting you, so you will not receive false alerts.

Advanced settings for alerts, operators, e-mail reports and global monitoring network

With our powerful control panel, you can define settings such as escalation levels, add URLs, monitor content, add operators, SLA objectives, schedule e-mail reports and select the monitoring stations you want to use. With Uptrends, you can define who needs to receive an alert and when. We can send SMS, e-mail, RSS and instant messaging alerts. You can even define maintenance periods for your site. And because Uptrends is a hosted website monitoring tool, do not need to install any software on your servers. Uptrends is a leading provider of hosted server, network, application and website monitoring services. We have more than 1,500 customers in 23 countries and offer you support from our worldwide offices. Join the leader in website monitoring tools and signup for a free 4 week trial and be the first to know when your website is down.