Yield a competitive edge with a free website performance monitoring trial by Uptrends

When website availability, speed and user experience optimization are crucial to your online success, your visitors or (potential) customers may go to your competitor when your site is down or performing slowly. With the free website performance monitoring trial from Uptrends, you can confirm whether specific parts of your website are working. Uptrends can monitor your entire online workflow, including logins, forms and shopping cart. Should any part within this process fail, Uptrends will alert you and take a snapshot of the error.

No other free website monitoring performance software can offer features like Uptrends!

By using the Uptrends free website performance monitoring trial you will have a fully redundant, global network of checkpoints at your side; verifying your page load time and overall availability. In the event an issue occurs, you will receive instant alerts by SMS, email, RSS or Instant Messenger. And because Uptrends is a hosted website performance monitoring software, we monitor from outside your firewall in partnership with geographically dispersed and on separate hosting providers. You can rest assured that the data we record exactly reflects what your end users are seeing when they visit your website.

The only way to prove it to you is for us to give you a free website performance monitoring software account for the next 4 weeks to try it yourself. Get your free website performance monitoring software trial now!

Your free website performance monitoring trial comes with the following features:

  • Uptrends is a SaaS solution so no software installation is required
  • No additional fees for using each of our global monitoring checkpoints
  • The most intuitive user interface that makes it simple to diagnose issues
  • Easy to configure escalation levels, maintenance periods and other customization
  • Ability to monitor multiple step scenarios like shopping carts, user registrations and more
  • Largest global monitoring network available. 100+ checkpoints worldwide
  • Detailed online and email performance reports for quick and thorough analyzes.
  • Free access to screenshots of every error recorded to allow for easy diagnosis of issues
  • Receive instant notifications when an error with your webshop or webapplication occurs
  • Powerful control panel with user-defined alert, escalation and maintenance settings
  • Infinite array of configurable reports which are easily exported by email, PDF or Excel
  • Offices in both the US and Europe offering you free customer support.

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Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of server, website, transactions and SLA monitoring services for over 2500 satisfied customers in 45 countries. Uptrends has offices in both the US and Europe which allows you to capitalize on our free support, which is based in several time zones. Signup for your free 4 week website performance trial account.