Let Uptrends premier products meet your websites monitoring needs

With Uptrends, you can monitor the availability and performance of your website from locations that mirror the geographic dispersal of your website users. You will receive instant alerts by SMS, email, IM and RSS feed whenever your website has downtime or when page load time exceeds your user defined goals. Your websites monitoring needs can be met with Uptrends behind the scenes. Operating around the clock, Uptrends ensures that you are always the first to know when your website experiences issues that are costing you leads, revenue or users.

Websites monitoring by simulating real users and measuring user experience

Uptrends manages a vast worldwide network of monitoring checkpoints from which we visit your website and mimic any scenario your site visitors might normally carry out. We then measure the speed of your website from initial server response, all the way to the last page element being loaded. You will receive an instant alert via SMS, email, IM, windows sidebar gadget or RSS feed anytime your site is not available or when the load time of your site exceeds your user defined goals.

And because we are monitoring from a vast number of global checkpoints, you will gain insight into your actual customer experience, regardless of where your users reside. And because we are capable of monitoring both the home page as well as a multi-step scenario, you are able to verify and monitor any action that your users might carry out, allowing you to pinpoint bottlenecks and infrastructure well beyond the simple availability check of your home page.

Other features of using Uptrends include:

  • No additional fees for using each of our global monitoring checkpoints.
  • Automate reports to you and your staff to go out daily, weekly or monthly so you can monitor trends over tie.
  • User defined reports can be generated inside the web based control panel to show load time and availability statistics over any user-defined period of time
  • No software to download or install. Simply register a free evaluation account and monitoring begins instantly.
  • When your website has downtime, we capture a screenshot from the website visitor's perspective.
  • No charge to access screenshots taken from the end user's perspective when your site has downtime
  • Configure multiple operators with separate escalation levels over any or all web sites being monitored
  • Monitor multiple step scenarios such as shopping carts, user registrations or log ins
  • Site monitoring at the page element level so you know the performance of every element on every page

Why your websites monitoring needs best met by Uptrends

Uptrends features a powerful set of tools with an intuitive user interface at a price point that makes it affordable by any company, regardless of size or budget. And as thousands of companies around the world will attest, Uptrends is the ideal product for identifying performance issues on your site, enabling you to increase revenue, leads and click through rates. Your websites monitoring needs can be met today when you register a completely free trial account. Get your free 30 day trial account now!