Advanced website, server and transaction monitoring

Detailed online reports to view the performance of your website, server or transactions

Uptrends’ external website, server and transaction monitoring services help you monitor, diagnose, receive notifications and report the performance around the globe with one of the most reliable products on the market to ensure that your visitors and customers are able to experience your website and services as they were intended, with the maximum amount of website availability.

The web-based reports will help you identify and solve issues quickly. They can even enable you prevent future issues with a number of diagnostic tools. You will be able to view reports about the uptime, downtime and total page load time using our global monitoring network. You’ll access user-defined time periods for reports, view snapshots of the errors recorded and export data and reports through a number of different formats, including PDF, email, Excel, PDF and or our XML interface.

Website, server and transaction availability reports

Uptrends provides many detailed reports about the availability of your website, server or transactions. You will be able to view reports for your complete account or for each URL, server or transaction.

Website, server and transaction performance monitoring reports

You will be able to view detailed online performance reports to ensure you are delivering an excellent performance from an end-user perspective.

Error types and snapshots reports

We provide you many detailed reports about the errors of your website, server and transactions. It will help you to identify and solve issues quickly. It will also help you to prevent future issues.

Log file reports

With our log file reports, you will be able to view results from every instance of website monitoring that has occurred over the last 90 days.


Uptrends provides advanced tools to perform a full page check of all page elements, check a URL, perform a trace route or even analyze a DNS server.

E-mail reports

As an Uptrends customer, you can select between a daily, weekly or monthly e-mail report. We offer several types of email reports, including a management, operations or detailed version.

Uptrends Windows Gadget

The Uptrends Windows Gadget is a free tool for all Uptrends users using the Windows Sidebar. It shows you the overall status of your Uptrends account in real-time, right on your desktop. When Uptrends detects a problem in one of your websites or servers, you will be notified immediately; no delays and no waiting.

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