Powerful control panel

Add probes and operators with a click. Defining escalation levels and maintenance periods.

Uptrends is easy to use thanks to a powerful online control panel. You can configure each of the settings, and changes are applied instantly.

Add probes to monitor your website and server

With our advanced control panel, you can easily add URLs or IP addresses. Furthermore you can define limits, match patterns, correct server protocols and personalize the global checkpoints you wish to engage. You will be able to customize alert definitions for different escalation levels or even create custom probe groups to which you can apply specific rules.

Advanced transaction recorder

Easily record your own transactions with the Uptrends Transaction Recorder. The Recorder runs on your desktop and records all of your actions while you navigate your website just like your users. You can visit any series of web pages on your site, fill in logins, contact forms and shopping cart pages.

Uptrends will record all of the actions you have taken and will then upload the recording to your Uptrends account. Active monitoring of the transaction will begin immediately upon completion of the upload. And of course, if you need any help, our technical consultants can also help you custom create the transactions at no additional fee.


You can add an unlimited number of operators to your Uptrends account as well as easily define who has administrative rights. Each operator can receive alerts and email reports for all the probes or for specific probes. You can even define when the operator is on duty or not. You can create operator groups if you want to define alert definitions and escalation levels for groups of operators. The highly intuitive control panel makes customization of your Uptrends account a breeze!

Customizable escalation levels and settings determine who will receive alerts, when and for which probe

With our alert definitions, you can define which operator group will receive an alert for which probe group. You can create multi-step alert definitions to define who should receive an alert for which probe group and when.

You can also choose which type of alert you want to receive. For example, we can notify you by SMS, e-mail, RSS or instant messaging. Based on the duration of the error, configurable escalation policies alert the necessary staff. These alerts can be routed to different teams during off-duty hours, such as evenings and weekends. Additionally, you can tailor how and when you or your co-workers are notified. For instance, you could indicate yourself as the recipient of the first alert, so that after a specified time a co-worker will receive the alert. Or, we can send SMS alerts to the technical department and e-mail reports to the marketing department or management. Each alert notification will include the local date and time, the reason for the failure and the name of the website or server. You can add unlimited contacts to your alert system settings.

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