Real browser monitoring

Uptrends uses a real browser to monitor website performance and transactions

Uptrends uses an actual browser to monitor the performance and transactions of your website. So, we experience the site exactly the way your visitors, users and customers do. Additionally, we monitor your website from many different cities in different countries worldwide, starting up a real browser each time we monitor one or multiple pages of a website. This is the most accurate way to monitor Web performance and capture the vital statistics of your end-user experience.

Part of the real-browser monitoring service is the alert that will be send to you if a failure occurs on your site. You can also view detailed reports about your site performance, availability and error types.

Uptrends has its own fully redundant network that is used for real browser monitoring

Uptrends has its own fully redundant monitoring network comprising checkpoints in cities and countries around the globe. We have checkpoints in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, South America and Africa. Those checkpoints are used in a unique way: If any single checkpoint detects an error in the monitoring of your website, a second checkpoint will automatically double-check your site. If the error is verified, you will instantly receive a notification via mobile phone, e-mail, RSS or IM. So, no longer will you have to “assume” your website is working properly. The moment a failure occurs, you will know about it.

You can use Uptrends real-browser monitoring for:

  • Real browser website performance monitoring
  • Real browser transaction monitoring
  • Real browser website monitoring

Real browser website performance monitoring

Uptrends will monitor your website performance from a real browser, so we experience your site exactly the way your visitors, users and customers do. The Uptrends real-user performance monitoring service is designed to monitor each element of your HTML page. This is the best way to identify bottlenecks on your web pages and improve the loadtime of your website. It not only shows the response time of a web page from the end-user perspective, but it also shows the DNS and connection time, total download time and total size of all the elements on the page.

Accordingly, we review every image, script and style sheet in your web page, and then display the load time and size of all these elements. If you want, you can include or exclude third-party content such as web analytics or ad-server scripts. Sign up for a free 4-week trial, or learn more about the Uptrends Full Page Check monitoring service.

Real browser transaction monitoring

Uptrends monitors multiple steps--such as forms, shopping baskets and login--from the end-user perspective. Each time we monitor a transaction from one of our global checkpoints, Uptrends will start up a real browser and simulate the actions of real visitors, users and customers. Thanks to the Uptrends transaction monitoring service, you can diagnose errors and thereby improve the performance of your site, thereby preventing future issues. If a failure occurs on your site, Uptrends will instantly let you know which step of the transaction has failed, perform automatic traceroutes, and provide you with log files containing details of the error.

Our downloadable Transaction Recorder lets you quickly and easily create a record of your own transactions. With it you will click and navigate your site, mimicking the actions of site visitors. As you visit your web pages, fill in logins, contact forms and shopping cart pages, we will record every click and selection, as well as any text you type. Once you finish recording your transaction, the transaction recorder will upload it to your Uptrends real-browser monitoring account. Monitoring will begin instantly. Sign up for a free 4-week trial, or learn more about the Uptrends transaction monitoring service.

Real browser website monitoring

When you sign up for a free 4-week trial and select "Real Browser" as the probe type, you will get an advanced, browser-based, real-user monitoring service. This is performance beyond the ordinary. While traditional monitoring services merely emulate browsers to check the uptime and performance, Uptrends uses a real browser . . . just the way your visitors, users and customers do. It’s the only accurate way to monitor site performance. The Uptrends Real Browser service gives you the ability to monitor from the end-user perspective, and you can accurately monitor the visitor experience from many different locations. It will help you quickly detect performance issues in real time. In the event of an error, it will alert you and provide information about error types, so you can take action when and where it is needed.

Sign up for a free 4-week trial . . . and start monitoring your site from a real browser and global monitoring network!

You can start to monitor your website with a real browser and from a global monitoring network within 5 minutes! Simply sign up for our real-browser monitoring service. No credit card details are needed, and the free 4-week trial has absolutely no risk involved. (You won’t even need to install software!) Sign up for a free 4-week trial, and see how easy it all is!