Advanced website, server and transaction monitoring

Provide insight to your customers about uptime and performance.

Uptrends Insight provides your clients with detailed online interactive reports covering the uptime, errors and total time from different worldwide checkpoints. The control panel allows you easily to create website and server monitoring accounts for your clients.

Uptrends’ external website, server and transaction monitoring services help you and your customers monitor, diagnose, receive reports regarding the availability and performance of your online website and services.

The web-based reports provided by Uptrends will help you and your customers to identify and quickly solve issues that arise on your website. Uptrends makes it possible to view reports detailing the uptime, downtime, recorded errors and total page load time using our global monitoring network. With user-defined reporting periods, screenshots of errors as they occurred and capabilities to export reports in almost any format, Uptrends has all of the most flexible reporting tools in the industry.

Website, server and transaction availability reports.

Uptrends provides an array of reports detailing the availability of your website, server or transactions with options to view all URLs on your account, or any individual URL, server or transaction.

Website, server and transaction performance monitoring reports

You will be able to view detailed online performance reports to ensure you are delivering top-notch performance from an end-user perspective.

Error types and snapshot reports

We provide an array of detailed reports detailing errors encountered on your website, server and transactions which will help you identify and solve issues quickly as well as prevent outages from occurring in the future.

Log file reports

With our log file reports, you can view data for any specific URL, server or transaction that we have checked in the last 90 days.


Uptrends provides advanced tools to perform a full page check, check URL, perform a trace route or to analyze a DNS.

E-mail reports

As an Uptrends customer, you can select between daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports. We offer several types of email reports including a management, operations or detailed view.

Uptrends Windows Gadget

The Uptrends Windows Gadget is a free tool for all Uptrends users who utilize the Windows Vista Sidebar. It shows the overall status of your customer's Uptrends account in real-time, right on your desktop. When Uptrends detects a problem in one of their websites or servers, they will be notified immediately; no delays, no waiting.

Powerful control panel. Add probes and operators with a click. User-defined escalation levels and maintenance periods.

Uptrends is easy to use, thanks to a powerful online control panel. You can configure each of the settings, and changes are applied instantly.

You can easily add probes to monitor your website and servers. Add URLs, match patterns or select the choose from a variety of server protocols. You can even personalize which of our global checkpoints you wish to use.

You can also add unlimited operators to your Uptrends account and define escalation levels. This way, you can define who will receive an alert, for which probe and when. You can even schedule maintenance periods for any each individual website or service.

If you want to monitor transactions, you can use our transaction recorder. The Recorder runs on your own computer, allowing you to click and navigate in your own web pages, fill in logins, contact forms or shopping cart pages, just like you would in your regular browser.