Hotwire and lag behind competitors for website stability

SAN FRANCISCO, February 5, 2010— and have both experienced considerably more downtime than any of their competitors in the online travel industry according to a recently released survey conducted by the website monitoring company Uptrends (  

In a 60 day survey of online travel sites, Uptrends surveyed 20 travel industry websites.  Over that period, Hotwire proved to be have the most extensive downtime issues in the last week, including over 5 hours of downtime just today.  On January 14, 2010, Hotwire was down for almost an hour and on December 17th and 18th of 2009, the site was down for over two hours cumulatively. 

The only other travel site to experience more downtime over the survey period was the considerably less popular site which experienced almost 60 hours of downtime over the last week.  

“The business model for travel oriented sites depends entirely on their stability and availability”, said Andrew Stock, Director of North American Operations for Uptrends.  “For most of the sites we monitored, there were few issues with uptime.  But these two sites truly stood out.  The troubles with Hotwire have recurred repeatedly throughout our survey, with today being their most serious outage.    We visited their site every 5 minutes for the last two months and recorded errors on 210 of our attempts to access their home page”, Mr. Stock continued. “But this pales in comparison to the number of errors we recorded with, which totaled over 3,000 errors in the last week.”

Survey results for the last 7 days are as follows:

Site Name # of Errors in last 24 Hours Downtime-last 24 hours Downtime-last 7 days 0 0 0
AOL Travel 0 0 0
Bestfares 0 0 0
Booking Buddy 0 0 10 minutes 0 0 0
Budgettravel 0 0 0
Cheaptickets 0 0 0
Expedia 0 0 0
Hotwire 61 5 hours, 5 minutes 5 hours, 32 minutes
Kayak 0 0 0 0 0 0
Online Travel 2 11.5 minutes 11.5 minutes
Orbitz 0 0 0
Priceline 0 0 0
Shermans Travel 3 17.3 minutes 20 minutes
Smartfares 0 0 0 0 0 59 hours, 58 minutes
Travelzoo 0 0 0
Travelocity 0 0 0
Yahoo Travel 0 0 0

Methodology: Using worldwide checkpoints in USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia, Uptrends monitored the availability of 20 online travel reservation websites every 5 minutes for a 60 day period.  In cases where the website could not be reached, a second checkpoint performed the availability check. If the website was still not available it was defined as an error. During the research period, Uptrends was not made aware of maintenance periods of the websites. Uptrends monitored only the uptime of the front page of each site in the survey.

About Uptrends Website, Server and Transaction Monitoring has as its mission the increased availability of websites, servers and transactions and the reduction of costly downtime for businesses and entrepreneurs that operate online. The Uptrends monitoring system uses a network of checkpoints in various countries such as the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, China and Australia. More than 1,500 customers in 23 countries rely on Uptrends to keep them informed of their site, server and transaction performance so that potential problems can be identified and downtime reduced as much as possible. 

Additional information is available from the following:
Uptrends North America +1 (415) 839-8450
Uptrends UK: 0808-1010-917

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