Linkedin website down for two hours

SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2010- The website for the popular online business networking site was down twice on the same day this week according to the global website monitoring provider (  This is the second day that the website has had downtime in the last 5 weeks. 

Over a six month period of time spent monitoring the home page for, Uptrends noticed only two days where the popular networking site experienced downtime. The first was on May 11, 2010 and the other was this past Wednesday, June 16, 2010.   This week’s downtime was actually broken up into two different periods of time.

The first of this week’s downtime started at 7:20am PST and lasted for approximately 15 minutes.   Site visitors during this time period were greeted with a message stating “Sorry, we were unable to display this page.  We are working hard to restore service as quickly as possible” with recommendations that their users visit the LinkedIn learning center or read the LinkedIn blog.  

Later that evening, at 9:03pm PST, the site went down a second time for the day; this time for a period of almost two hours.  Visitors to the site at this time were greeted with the message stating “Linkedin will be back by 11:00pm Pacific Time, 06:00 GMT.  We are working hard to upgrade Linkedin with new features and enhancements.”  The website was back on line by 10:48pm that night, but with a small hiccup of downtime occurring at 10:58pm due to a DNS Lookup error for just a few minutes.  

The only other day of prolonged downtime for Linkedin this year was on May 11, 2010.  This occurrence began at 12:33pm PST, and lasted until 1:38 pm that same day; a period of just over one hour, during what is considered a peak time of traffic for the networking site.  Visitors in that time period were greeted with the same message that would later appear early on the morning on June 16th.  

“During our six month period of monitoring Linkedin, we noticed that they were typically very reliable when it comes to uptime.  However, this week has been a hard one with so much downtime occurring” said Andrew Stock, Director of North American Operations at Uptrends. “That is significant periods of time for their website to be offline.  And just like the downtime they had in May, the downtime occurred during a relatively busy time of day for typical maintenance issues to be performed.  But considering their dominance in the business networking space, it is unclear if their competitors are really going to capitalize on this to any real effect” continued Mr. Stock.

Methodology:  Using worldwide checkpoints in USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia, Uptrends monitored the home page of LinkedIn every 5 minutes for 180 days.  In cases where the website could not be reached, a second checkpoint performed the availability check. If the website was still not available, it was defined as an error. Uptrends monitored only the uptime of the front page of the website.  When errors did occur, Uptrends took a screenshot of the web browser at the time of error to accurately record the end user experience.

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