OpenOffice struggles to maintain availability

SAN FRANCISCO, February 22, 2010- The website for, the popular open source alternative to Microsoft Office, continues to experience significant issues maintaining website availability, according to a 60-day study conducted by, the global website monitoring company (  

Over 100 million people have downloaded the OpenOffice, making it one of the most popular and widespread open source projects in history.  However, in the 60-day monitoring survey conducted by Uptrends, the website ( experienced a total of 43 days where at least some period of downtime was recorded.  These periods of downtime represent time where the website was unavailable for website visitors.   Periods of downtime recorded ranged between 5 minutes and 70 minutes in length. 

“Due to the high price of Microsoft Office, millions of people are flocking to OpenOffice as an alternative.  However, with downtime being recorded almost daily and fairly lengthy downtime being recorded on several occasions, you have to wonder if there is a level of frustration out there from the general public” said, Andrew Stock, Director of North American Operations for Uptrends.   “And considering that this is a project sponsored heavily by Oracle, IBM, Google and a number of other household names, its surprising to me that they aren’t addressing this issue more aggressively”, continued Mr. Stock.
Methodology: Using worldwide checkpoints in USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia, Uptrends monitored the availability of every 5 minutes for 60 days.  In cases where the website could not be reached, a second checkpoint performed the availability check. If the website was still not available, it was defined as an error. During the research period, Uptrends was not made aware of maintenance periods of the website being monitored. Uptrends monitored only the uptime of the front page of the website.

About Uptrends Website, Server and Transaction Monitoring has as its mission the increased availability of websites, servers and transactions and the reduction of costly downtime for businesses and entrepreneurs that operate online. The Uptrends monitoring system uses a network of checkpoints in various countries such as the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Singapore, China and Australia. More than 1,500 customers in 23 countries rely on Uptrends to keep them informed of their site, server and transaction performance so that potential problems can be identified and downtime reduced as much as possible. 

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