US City Government Websites Show Widespread Instability

SAN FRANCISCO, August 25, 2010- A one year study of websites from hundreds of US cities shows widespread downtime across cities of all sizes and locations.  The study measured the page load time  and website availability of the websites from 241 different cities across the United States and was carried out by the global website monitoring company Uptrends (

Over the course of the one year study, Uptrends visited the home page of the websites for 241 cities every five minutes to monitor the availability and page load time of each website.  The sampling included New York, San Francisco, Boston and other large cities as well as hundreds of midsized and smaller cities.  

The city with the worst performance was Pomona, California, which spent 10% of the last year with the website down.   In total, 20% of the cities monitored experienced 50 or more hours with their websites down in the last year.  On a more positive note, an equal number of companies reported uptime of 100% for the entire year.

The stability of the websites being monitored did not appear to have correlation to the size or budget of the city being monitored.  For example, in the following table, we display the number of hours of downtime experienced by the websites from 20 of the more populated cities in the United States.

City Name Hours of Downtime in the Last Year


Los Angeles 131
Houston 35
San Jose 35
Indianapolis 17
Philadelphia 17
San Diego 17
Atlanta 9
Baltimore 9
Chicago 9
Dallas 9
Miami 9
Omaha 9
St. Louis 9
Tampa 9
Las Vegas 0
New York 0
San Francisco 0
Seattle 0
New York 0


Methodology:  Using worldwide checkpoints in USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia, Uptrends monitored the availability of the home page of each cities’ website home page every 5 minutes for one year.  In cases where the website could not be reached, a second checkpoint performed the availability check. If the website was still not available, it was defined as a confirmed error. Only confirmed errors were included in this study.  During the research period, Uptrends was not made aware of maintenance periods of the website being monitored. Uptrends monitored only the uptime of the front page of each website.   

About Uptrends Website, Server and Transaction Monitoring

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