New Feature: SLA Management

We would like to share some exciting product news about a unique feature we have added to our monitoring service. It is now possible to set multiple (and unlimited) SLA settings for all probe groups and clients (Insight and Enterprise edition). So, SLA Monitoring is now available to all our customers.

As you probably know, you can use Uptrends for verifying SLA objectives. It measures SLA compliance and monitors true uptime. This ensures that your website or servers are always available, so that your visitors, customers and users can enjoy the website experience as intended.

Multiple SLA settings

Within Uptrends, SLA is a special reporting group that provides you with a single, simple view of the SLA performance over specified time intervals. This feature allows you to match your SLA arrangement with the one you have from your service provider. The new SLA settings allow you to add specific goals like: uptime%, total time and operator response time for every SLA setting. This can even be activated for specific days and hours.

E.g: the following is a SLA setup that you might use in your account:

  • Office hours: Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 6 PM, uptime% 99.9% etc.
  • Outside office hours: Sat, Sun and Mon-Fri 6PM – 8 AM, uptime% 99.0% etc.

Aside from setting weekdays and hours that apply to an SLA, Uptrends also allows you to define exclusion periods such as excluding specific days like Christmas and other holidays from that SLA.

By entering the parameters above into the SLA settings, Uptrends can produce daily, weekly and monthly monitoring reports indicating the "when and why" if uptime standards are not met.

How to activate multiple SLA settings in your account

A new SLA that has just been created does not contain any data history. Uptrends will start recording data for an SLA as soon as it has been created. 

In the main menu, Manage > SLA now takes you to the SLA overview screen:

Click on an SLA to edit or to add a new SLA definition. The SLA’s name and goals are on the main tab:

The schedule tab allows you to set the days and hours slots. Click on an hour slot to activate it for this SLA (blue) and again to deactivate it (white). 

Click on the row and column headers to activate/deactivate that entire row or column.

Click on the Add exclusion period button to exclude a certain date/time range from the normal schedule.

The existing report Analyze > SLA report, now has an SLA dropdown list. Choose an SLA to pull up the report for that SLA.

We hope that you like this new feature in Uptrends as much as we do! If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us.