Uptrends apps for iPhone and Android

View your uptime and get instant notification of an error . . . right at your mobile phone. Quickly and easily manage settings on your mobile phone!

Thanks to Uptrends, you can view the uptime status of your servers and websites via your mobile phone. Simply install the free Uptrends app for iPhone or Android, and then connect to Uptrends. You will get accurate information on your uptime and downtime performance, and in the event of an error we will let you know immediately.

Just a click on your Smartphone lets you view the status of each probe in your Uptrends account. Instantly, you will know which website or server is unavailable or underperforming. Moreover, you will receive a notification in the event your website goes down. With Uptrends, you have more control over the quality of your Web presence!

The free Uptrends app offers an array of useful features:

  • Receive downtime alerts as push notifications to your iPhone. Get push notifications when your site is up again.
  • A clear, color-coded overview of your websites and servers, showing their status and uptime percentages
  • A history of alerts for your websites and servers
  • User-settable refresh rate, notifications and sounds for peak time and off-peak time
  • Extensive sorting and filtering options
  • Probes and alerts can be turned on/off
  • Optional instant browsing

Download the free Uptrends apps for iPhone and Android!

The Uptrends apps for iPhone and Android are free downloads. You can get the Uptrends app for website and server monitoring from the iPhone or Android market by searching for “uptrends website monitoring”. If you want to download the Android app, you can also scan the QR code on our Android page. Once you have installed the Uptrends app for your Uptrends account, enter your Uptrends account ID and password. Please note that the Uptrends Android app only runs on Android version 2.2 and higher. If you still do not have an Uptrends account, please register for a free 4-week trial. It is powerful and easy to use . . . and it’s absolutely risk-free.

Uptrends is a leading provider of hosted and real-browser monitoring services. In fact, we have more than 1,500 satisfied customers in 23 countries. The monitoring services we offer are based on our own fully redundant global monitoring network, through which we monitor the performance of your website from the end-user perspective. Detailed, interactive reports provide information about availability, load times and error types, so you can stay on top of your Web performance.

Get the free 4-week trial. Sign up now!

If you do not have an Uptrends account, we advise you to sign up for a 4-week trial. Like our apps for iPhone and Android, it’s completely free. Then, within a few minutes you can start to monitor your website or servers. Click here to sign up!