New checkpoints and changes to existing checkpoints

Uptrends will be adding new checkpoints in the following cities:
  • Columbus, Ohio (United States)   
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina (United States)
Additionally, we are making some changes within our network of existing checkpoints:
  • IP-address in Manchester (United Kingdom) will be changed from to
  • IP-address in Zürich (Switzerland) will be changed from to
  • IP-address in Clifton, New Jersey (United States) will be changed from to
  • IP-address in Moscow (Russia)  will be changed from to
If our IP addresses are currently configured in your Web Analytics account or your firewall settings, we advise you to update these changes as soon as possible. The Uptrends team will be working diligently to implement these changes to the new IP addresses within the next 7 days.
A complete overview of all our monitoring stations can be found on our list of monitoring stations  including the IP-addresses.