Four Brand-New Uptrends Reports

San Francisco - December 15, 2010 - (, the leading remote website and server monitoring company, has released four brand-new Uptrends reports for all of its clients.

Total Time by Transaction Step

The total time by transaction step lets you analyze the intermediate load times for each step in your transactions. For example, imagine that you have a transaction with three steps. Each step has its own average load time, and this report will show this average load time as it progresses over time. If your transactions start to show slower load times, this report will help you to identify which of the three steps is responsible for the delay.

The total-time report is easy to obtain for any transaction in your account. To view the report, simply go to Probe Reports and select "Transaction steps."

Total Time in Period by Checkpoint

This brand-new report will help you to identify problems that may arise in certain parts of the world. The total time in period by checkpoint report shows you the average total time by checkpoint for all probes or one probe group during the selected period.

Also new is the checkpoint selector in this report, which lets you choose the checkpoints you want to inspect. It is useful because, by comparison, a graph containing a line for each checkpoint would be a bit crowded. The screenshot shows a selection of seven checkpoints. The table below the chart is scrollable, and contains the data for all checkpoints, regardless of how many were selected for the graph.

The "total time in period by checkpoint" is easy to see. Simply log in, go to Management Reports and select “Total time by checkpoint report.”

Total Time by Probe

The total time in period by probe report will show you a chart and table containing the total time for each probe, in the period you selected. For example, if you select an entire month, we will show the total times for each day, for each probe. You can filter this report by probe group. To view this report, go to Management reports and select “Total time by probe”.

Uptime Matrix

The uptime matrix report will show you a table of the uptime percentage for each probe per hour, day or month, depending on the selected time period. It will help you to get a clear overview of the uptime of a specific period for multiple probes. Again, this report is very easy to obtain. When you log in, go to Management Reports and select “Uptime matrix”.

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