New checkpoints in Bangkok (Thailand), Cairo (Egypte), Derby (United Kingdom) and St. Louis, MO (United States). Changes to existing checkpoints

Uptrends will be adding new checkpoints in the following cities:

  • Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Cairo (Egypte)
  • Derby (United Kingdom)
  • St. Louis, MO (United States)

The new monitoring stations will automatically appear in your settings. If you have selected all checkpoints, Uptrends will automatically add the new checkpoints to your settings. 

Additionally Uptrends will make some changes within our network of existing checkpoints:

  • Location Haifa  (Israel; will be replaced by location Tel-Aviv  (Israel;
  • The IP-address of our checkpoint in Kansas City  (United States) will be changed from to
  • One of our IP-addresses in London (United Kingdom) will be changed from to
  • Checkpoint London-2  (United Kingdom; will be merged with London  (United Kingdom). If you use this checkpoint, our new checkpoint in Derby  (United Kingdom; will automatically take over.

A complete overview of all our monitoring stations can be found on our list of monitoring stations including their IP addresses