Uptrends adds new monitoring stations in Greece, Germany, Canada and Russia.

In order to expand our monitoring of websites and servers for our customers, Uptrends has partnered globally with leading infrastructure and connectivity providers. By adding new monitoring stations in Athens (Greece), Cologne (Germany), Montreal (Canada) and Moscow (Russia), our network now consists of 96 checkpoints located on every continent.

Additionally, we have recently added an extra server to our checkpoint in Düsseldorf (Germany) with the IP address

If you use our IP addresses in your Web Analytics account or firewall settings, we advise you to update this as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the extra IP address in Düsseldorf is not a replacement of the current IP address. The new checkpoints are scheduled to be activated 7 days from now.

An overview of the new IP addresses:

  • Athene (Griekenland)
  • Keulen (Duitsland)
  • Montréal (Canada)
  • Moskou (Rusland)

A complete overview of all our monitoring stations can be found on our list of monitoring stations addresses