New feature: Probe templates.

Manage multiple probes at once.

With the new bulk update feature in your Uptrends account, you will be able to manage multiple probes or probe groups at once.  With a few clicks you are able to change the alert conditions, checkpoints or to schedule maintenance.

Uptrends now offers our clients acompletely new function - Probe templates. Accessible through the “Manage” menu, this option lets you define templates that contain certain probe settings, and apply those settings to existing probes. Possible settings are load times and timeouts, checkpoints and maintenance periods.

As soon as a template has been saved, its settings can be copied to one or more existing probes by using the “Apply settings” button on the “Main” tab of that template. This allows you to update these settings for multiple probes at once. 
You can use one template for changing load times and another for checkpoints or maintenance periods, or use just one template to set them all. Uptrends allows its clients to set up as many templates as needed.
This bulk update feature is available in all levels of ourall our service plans