New: Full page website performance monitoring. Identify bottlenecks on your web pages.

The Uptrends full page monitoring tool identifies bottlenecks that affect the load time of your web pages such as large images and third party scripts. It not only shows the load time of a webpage as experienced by your end-users, but it also shows the DNS and connection time, total download time and total size of all individual elements that make up the page itself.

This means that you will now have the ability to review every image, script and style sheet in your web page, and know the load time and size of all these elements, just as your users experience it, from anywhere in the world. With this knowledge, you can quickly identify which elements are causing your web page to run at less than optimal speeds. Maybe it’s not always obvious which elements are slowing down your web pages, but with Uptrends’ full page monitoring tools, you’ll easily pinpoint the problems. Uptrends will carry out this level of monitoring and testing every few minutes, insuring that you are receiving the most granular form of monitoring available on the market.

Additionally, Uptrends can be configured to send you instant alerts whenever your website or an element in your web page is loading too slowly or exceeds a maximum number of bytes. You can even receive an alert when a particular percentage of elements of the HTML on your page fails. Or, if you wish, you can configure your monitoring to exclude particular elements in the monitoring process.

How to set up

Putting this powerful tool to work is easy. To set up a full page check, just log in to your account, click account setup on the left hand tool bar and click ‘add probe’. When setting up a new probe, just select “full page check” as the probe type. It is important to note that carrying out the full page check requires considerably more resources from our end, so utilizing the full page check requires the purchase of 3 probes per website being monitored at this level.

Special promotion

If you would like to measure the usefulness of this highly detailed level of website monitoring, we encourage you to try it for free for 4 weeks. Simply contact our staff via our contact page. To learn more information about the full page check monitoring solution, click here.