On-demand, cloud and SaaS companies uptime studyCloud SaaS uptime study

Because of the major importance of availability for software, infrastructures and services from the cloud for both the providers and their customers, Uptrends decided to monitor a selection of the largest and emerging companies on their availability (uptime).Among the companies that we have tested there are is a selection of companies that provide application platforms, infrastructure, management tools, internet marketing software, business management-, CRM- and vertical applications. Uptrends monitored184 companies and their websites for a period of 30 days (from the 29th of September to the 29th of October).

Key findings:

  • 42 out of the 184 providers didn’t met the SLA standard of 99.9% (22.83%)
  • Only 142 out of the 184 providers did met the SLA standard of 99.9% (77.17%)
  • Only 79 out of the 184 (42.93%) monitored providers were available the entire testing period (100% uptime)
  • The average down time of the entire group of monitored providers was 31.62 minutes
  • Combined, the providers were unavailable for more than 96 hours 


Uptrends monitored the availability of the websites of the selected providers for the period of 30 days (from the 29th of September to the 29th of October). Every 5 minutes the homepage of 184 participants was checked for availability from our entire network of checkpoints around the world. Whenever a websites was unavailable from one of our checkpoints, this was constantly checked again from another checkpoint. When the website was also unavailable from the second checkpoint, this was registered as down time. Periods in which a website was available are registered as uptime. During this study we did not take possible scheduled maintenance into consideration. 

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