Uptrends publishes the website uptime report for 928 online retailers in the USA

Burlington, Uptrends has published the results for the website uptime of 928 online retailers to see if they are ready for the holiday season and how they have performed during Cyber Monday.

Uptrends has monitored the websites of 928 online retailers during the last 30 days from 70 different locations and checked if the website was available for visitors and potential customers. Of the 928 online stores that were monitored for the last 30 days, 509 online retailers have a website uptime of 100 percent, which is an excellent performance rating. Their online stores are always available for visitors and potential customers. Examples of some of the online retailers that have 100 percent uptime are: Victoria Secret, Saks Fifth Avenue, Safeway, Kohls, Nike, Home Depot, Ikea, Gap and Toys R Us.

Of all the monitored online shops, 181 retailers maintain a website uptime of 99.9 percent, which is good. Most organizations have service level agreements in place with their hosting providers which require 99.9 percent uptime. Some of the online retailers that consistently have a 99.9 percent uptime are: Yankee Candle, Levi Strauss & Co, American Apparel, Nascar.com and Guess.

Of the 928 online retailers, 238 did not perform well. Their websites only maintain an average uptime between 95.6 to 99.8 percent. The online retailer Foodservicewarehouse.com, was the website which was the least available during the last 30 days. In the past 30 days this online store was not available for 31.5 hours. This means that during that time, potential visitors and customers did not have access to the website and could not purchase anything. Some other well-known online shops that did not perform well were: Tower.com (15.7 hours not available), Footlocker (10.3 hours not available), Kmart (8.1 hours not available) and Sears (8.1 hours not available).

The online stores which showed the lowest availability during the last 30 days:

  Website Uptime % Hours Minutes     
1 Foodservicewarehouse.com 95.6 31.5 1888
2 1000bulbs.com 96.5 25.6 1534
3 Beautyencounter 97.2 20.0 1201
4 Lifewaystores 97.4 19.1 1145
5 Evo 97.7 16.5 989
6 Tower.com 97.8 1`5.7 942
7 Blacklight.com 98.0 14.4 864
8 Tiptoeturtle 98.1 13.5 808
9 Advancedautoparts.com 98.2 13.3 799
10 Entertainmentearth 98.3 12.6 756
Of all the 928 online retailers, 117 experienced difficulties with their websites during Cyber Monday. The website Islandbeachwear.com, experienced the most failures with an uptime percentage of 64.5 percent. Other online retailers that experienced difficulties as well are: Delias.com (89.6 percent uptime), Peaceloveworld.com (92.6 percent uptime), Blacklight.com (93.9 percent uptime), Burtsbees.com (94.7 percent uptime) and Creativekidstuff.com (94.7 percent uptime).
“Repeated downtime of these sites will clearly have a significant impact on the online sales these companies will experience” said Jim Jaworski, Director of North American Operations for Uptrends. “We can only hope that this study is able to get the attention of these companies so that they can put the proper resources in place to monitor and prevent website downtime throughout the rest of the holiday season.”

As the holiday shopping season increases website traffic to most online retail websites, presumably many of the issues that have plagued some of these websites could potentially worsen as the demand on web servers and other infrastructure becomes heavier.

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Methodology: Uptrends tested the availability of the front page of each website, at 5 minute intervals, using 70 global checkpoints. If a website was not able to be reached, a second checkpoint from a different location performed another availability check. If the website was still not available, it was defined as an error. During the research period, only the availability of the front page was examined. Scheduled maintenance periods were not factored into these test results. For the period when a website was available, it was registered as uptime. During the period when errors were generated, it was registered as downtime.

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