Secure login connections and new SMS provider

Uptrends released a new version today. This version includes enhancements for better security and stability.

Secure login

One of the new features is that we now take you to the secure area of our website, as soon as you log in on the Uptrends homepage. By providing you with this SSL connection (note the 'https' part in the address bar of your browser), we help you to keep your login information and your company's sensitive report data safe. 

We take you to the secure area automatically when you log in on the regular homepage. You can also go to the secure website directly, by using this URL:

New SMS provider

We added a new European based SMS provider to our system. We now have two SMS gateways based in Europe, and one in the USA. Each gateway has a global coverage of SMS/text message delivery, but we let you select your preferred gateway, to ensure reliable delivery of Uptrends alert messages to your mobile phone network.

When you signed up for Uptrends, we tried to select the best SMS gateway for your location. This means that you do not have to change anything in your account right now. If you want to change your SMS delivery settings, click on Settings in the menu, activate the Settings tab and select your preferred SMS gateway.