Unique Survey of User Search Habits Identifies Target Areas for Developer, SEO Agency Success

BURLINGTON, MA, Jan. 31, 2011 -- The findings of a study conducted by Uptrends, a leading provider of server and website monitoring services, indicates that the majority of Internet users rely primarily on three-word phrases when they search the Web via Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, while the implementation of two-word searches increased from 21.41 percent in July 2010 to 24.26 percent.

The data and other information collected through the study can prove invaluable to website developers and SEO agencies that seek to optimize their client sites in order to influence their rankings in the most popular search engines. For example, by optimizing the content of a website or paid search campaign for search phrases of two, three or four keywords, one can actually target 70 percent of all search requests.

“The study we conducted reveals the kind of information that could truly revolutionize business for people and companies who operate and/or develop websites, as well as those whose job is to optimize search performance," said Uptrends Managing Partner Niels Brinkman. "Now it has become clear that it is not only the particular words or the kinds of words used in searching, but it is more specifically the way such words are used that determines the quality and amount of results obtained. With this new understanding, the development/SEO segment of the Web industry can make significant leaps forward, and this of course will mean a great deal to the success of their client businesses.”

A Broad-Based but Intensive Survey

The Uptrends survey has produced a key table of statistical findings in regard to the ten most common lengths of keyword search phrases used in January 2011 and July 2010 as compared to June 2008:

Number of words February 2011 July 2010 June 2008
3 28.27% 27.87% 26.27
2 24.26% 21.41% 33.65%
4 19.36% 20.78% 13.81%
5 10.04% 11.53% 6.13%
1 9.36% 8.21% 15.52%
6 4.72% 5.63% 2.61%
7 2.17% 2.62% 1.14%
8 1.00% 1.17% 0.51%
9 0.46% 0.53% 0.24%
10 0.23% 0.25% 0.12

The data was collected through the use of, the Web analytics service owned and operated by All statistics depicted in association with the research are averages, being based on a sample of two million visitors divided into 20,000 visitors of 100 countries each day.

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“We truly hope that all our developer and SEO customers, as well as companies around the world, will take advantage of the knowledge our study provides,” Brinkman said. “It’s clear to us that the only way to keep up with progress in the search engines is to understand the ways in which they work. And search-engine users are essential to that understanding. If people use this information--if they bring together the two sides of the equation--then success will be a lot easier to attain. We at Uptrends are truly excited about all the possibilities.”

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