New Release- Transaction and Scenario Monitoring Recorder

In today’s business environment, your website is playing an increasingly critical role in the success of your organization.  And if you’ve used the Internet in the last ten years, you already know how ubiquitous online forms and transactions have become on most websites.  In fact, there’s a great chance that you utilize a multi-step process for creating new user accounts, or for online purchases made on your site.  Perhaps your site relies on the success of third-party shopping carts, forms or technologies over which you have only minor control.  

Given these facts, Uptrends is proud to release the next piece of the website monitoring puzzle:  an advanced transaction monitoring technology coupled with a user-interfacing Transaction Recorder at a price point that fits into any budget.   

                          In this article:
                         •    How our Transaction Recorder works
                         •    Free access to Transaction Monitoring
                         •    Webinar Invitation: Transaction Monitoring 101

How it works
After installing a small file download (only 2Mb) on any Windows-based machine, the Transaction Recorder will mimic and record your actions inside a web browser, including every text entry and menu selection.  The Transaction Recorder will then automatically upload the resulting XML file to your Uptrends account and will instantly begin monitoring each step of your online scenario.

Free access to Transaction Monitoring
If you have an Uptrends account, you will need one extra probe for each step of the transaction you would like to monitor.  Or, if you don’t have an account, register for a free trial account here.    

What’s that?  You need more probes?  Contact us anytime in the month of April and we’ll give you 3 monitoring probes free of charge for 30 days to evaluate the transaction monitoring service for yourself.    To take advantage of this offer, attend our special event webinar on April 22nd (see below) or simply email with the subject line “trial transaction monitoring request”.

When you have enough probes on an Uptrends account, simply download and install the Transaction Recorder here  Follow the instructions, or contact our support staff with any questions.

Webinar Invitation: Transaction Monitoring 101
On April 22, 2010, we will be holding a special webinar to show off our new technology.  Learn how to install and setup transaction monitoring as well as have all your questions answered regarding website monitoring solutions from Uptrends.  And after the event, make sure to ask for your 3 free probes for one month so you can start monitoring your online transactions and scenarios.    

Date:  April 22, 2010
Length:  30 minutes
Time: 1pm EST/ 3pm PST
Click here to register for this event!