Uptrends introduces Custom Reports

Using Custom Reports, you can define the contents of your own reports. You can add a new custom report by navigating to “Manage”, “Report definitions”. Once your new report is created, you can view it by navigating to “Reports”, “Custom reports”.

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This new feature extends the reporting options for Uptrends’ Enterprise Edition significantly. Therefore we are hosting a 30 minute demo/training on this feature.

Which settings can be changed?

  • General: Name of the report, whether the report is displayed in the menu, and which operators and operator groups have access to the report.
  • Layout: By dragging metrics onto the green columns, you define which data is shown in the report, as well as the order in which the columns are displayed. The blue area lets you define how the data will be grouped: by day, week or month, by probe, by checkpoint, and so on. You are free to choose any combination that is useful to you.
  • Chart: When you choose to group your data by Date/Time, the chart type will be set to a time chart automatically. When you select a different grouping, you can choose between a bar chart and a pie chart. If you do not want a chart in your report, you can also turn it off.
  • Filters: Setting filters allows you to zoom in further on the data in your report. We allow you to set up date filters, error level filters, probes and probe groups filters and checkpoint filters.
  • E-mail: You can optionally schedule the report as a recurring e-mail. Choose which operators and/or operator groups should receive the report; you can add additional e-mail addresses if you want to. Using the time settings, you can decide whether to send the report on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, and on which day in that period. You can even set the time for delivery (in your timezone), as well as the format (PDF or Excel) of the e-mail attachment. Each report can also be downloaded afterwards, using the Log tab of the report.

Please note: The Custom Reports are only available for Uptrends Enterprise customers. Your current “Email report” settings (Operations email report, Management email report and SLA email report) will stay intact.