Uptrends Introduces SSL Certificate Monitoring

A new probe type is available for Uptrends customers: the SSL Certificate monitoring probe. SSL certificates typically need to be renewed every few years to remain valid or might be a target for hackers.  With our SSL certificate probe we provide a safeguard so that the expiration date and other properties are up to date and correct and will send immediate alerts if your certificate has become a target for hackers.
For an SSL connection, a server needs an SSL certificate. This certificate validates the identity of the website and encrypts the connection. An SSL certificate contains fixed values including organization name, issuer name, serial number, expiration date, and so on.  
The SSL certificate probe type (available for all accounts, cost = 1 probe) verifies a number of properties of the SSL certificate for an HTTPS website, most importantly its expiration date.
It’s very easy to set up the SSL probe: 
  • Navigate to Manage / Probes
  • Choose Add Probe
  • Select ‘SSL Certificate’ from the dropdown menu under ‘Probe type’
  • Set the number of days you want to be notified in advance (Expiration warning days). Typically one or two weeks (default: 7 days)
  • Optionally you can check a number of properties that should have fixed values in the certificate, including organization name, serial number, issuer name, and so on
  • When the  certificate is about to expire, we will start sending alerts
  • It’s easy to find the values of the SSL certificate you want to monitor: visit the HTTPS site in any browser, click on the padlock icon and choose View certificate (wording may vary across browsers). This will show the details for the certificate.
  • Based on these values you can set up your SSL certificate probe. 
Good luck with monitoring!