Global usage of Internet Explorer down 11% in one year

SAN FRANCISCO,  The global usage of Internet Explorer has decreased 11.24 percent since March of last year according to the global website monitoring provider (
Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominates the browser market with a global usage of 68.55 percent market share.  By way of comparison, in March of 2009, the total global usage was 79.79 percent. Uptrends also reports that Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 has a global market share of 36.62 percent and IE 7 has a global market share of 25.25 percent.
Uptrends also reports that the global usage of Firefox has increased 2.92 percent since March of last year. With a global usage share of more than 18 percent, Firefox is one of the most popular browsers the world. Global usage varies widely from country to country. 
In additional browser news, the global market share of Apple's Safari browser has increased 2.12 percent. The global usage of the Iphone browser is at 0.79 percent. But the browser that has gained the most global usage share since March 2009 is Google's Chrome. Google Chrome's global usage has increased with 5.74 percent to 6.6 percent.
The most popular browsers on the web are:
Internet Explorer 68.55%
Firefox 18.51%
Google Chrome 6.60%
Apple Safari 4.77%
Opera 0.79%
Netscape 0.30%
 United States  
 Internet Explorer  58.70%
 Firefox  25.85%
 Google Chrome  7.60%
 Apple Safari  6.25%
 Opera  0.54%
 Netscape  0.36%
 Internet Explorer  39.26%
 Firefox  28.20%
 Google Chrome  20.90%
 Apple Safari  10.80%
 Opera  0.27%
 Netscape  0.20%
 Internet Explorer  66.98%
 Firefox  18.48%
 Google Chrome  7.22%
 Apple Safari  5.92%
 Opera  0.95%
 Netscape  0.04%
 the Netherlands  
 Internet Explorer 77.53
 Firefox  13.14
 Google Chrome  4.90
 Apple Safari  3.47
 Opera  0.62
 Netscape  0.10
 Internet Explorer 59.95%
 Firefox  30.44%
 Apple Safari  4.71%
 Google Chrome  2.65%
 Opera  1.71%
 Netscape  0.25%
 Internet Explorer 61.91
 Firefox 24.21
 Apple Safari 9.11
 Google Chrome 2.99
 Opera 1.00
 Netscape 0.12
 Internet Explorer 59.77
 Firefox  25.23
 Apple Safari  6.80
 Google Chrome  6.04
 Opera  1.15
 Netscape  0.39

Methodology: A global usage of xx percent for browser Y means that xx percent of the visitors of Internet users arrived at sites that are using the Uptrends web analytics service called OneStat by using browser Y. All numbers mentioned in the research are averages of last week and all measurements are normalized to the GMT time zone. Research is based on a sample of 2 million visitors divided into 20,000 visitors of 100 countries each day.

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