Website Monitoring from Shanghai, Singapore and Frankfurt (, the leading remote website and server monitoring company, has expanded its network of monitoring stations. We have added new monitoring stations in Shanghai, Singapore and Frankfurt to improve our geographical coverage. Additionally, our monitoring station in Chicago has a new IP address. The IP numbers of the new monitoring stations are:

  • Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Frankfurt
  • Chicago

Complete list of Uptrends monitoring stations

The new monitoring stations will automatically appear in your settings. If you previously selected the "Random" checkpoint mode, Uptrends will automatically add the new checkpoints to your settings. Otherwise, you can simply add the new checkpoints to your list of checkpoints.

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We will be happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us at one of the following numbers, and we will do our very best for you.

USA 1-866-599-7603
UK 0808 1010 917
International 0031 172 243 309

Or, go to our contact page. For more information, visit our website