Website uptimes for  UK supermarkets are good

Wakefield, MA, February 28, 2014 - Supermarkets are continuing to increase their utilization of the internet to reach their client base. As with any competitive environment that has a web presence, excellent uptime is extremely important. When a website of a supermarket is not available or slow, they will lose revenue and customers will get frustrated. Uptrends has monitored the uptime of the front pages of 21 supermarkets in the UK  over a period of 30 days. Almost every website of the monitored supermarkets reported decent uptimes. Three websites (Marks and Spencer, Costcutter, and experienced an uptime of 100 percent, which is excellent. The other monitored websites reported an uptime which was better than 99.71 percent, which is good. The only exception was Lidl, they experienced an uptime of 98.97. This indicates that their customers could not visit their website for more than 7 hours during the 30 days of monitoring.

Overview of the website uptime of 21 supermarkets in the UK:

Website Uptime % Down time (minutes)
Lidl 98.97  433
Farmfoods 99.71  123
Ocado 99.72  119
Budgens 99.79  89
Nisa 99.87  55
Londis 99.93  31
Co-ooperative food 99.94  24
Morrisons 99.96  16
Booths 99.96  16
Whole Foods 99.96  16
Nace 99.96  15
Heron Foods 99.97  15
Sainsburry's 99.99  6
Filco 99.99  6
Spar 99.99  6
Iceland 99.99  6
Waitrose 99.99  5
Adda 100.00  0
Costcutter 100.00  0
Marks and Spencer 100.00  0


Uptrends monitored the availability of the websites of the selected supermarkets for the period of 30 days. Every 5 minutes the homepage of 21 supermarkets was checked for availability from our entire network of checkpoints around the world. Whenever a websites was unavailable from one of our checkpoints, this was constantly checked again from another checkpoint. When the website was also unavailable from the second checkpoint, this was registered as down time. Periods in which a website was available are registered as uptime. During this study we did not take possible scheduled maintenance into consideration. 
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