The Uptrends Windows Phone 7 app

Monitor servers and websites, right on your Windows Phone 7! Download the free app!

Now, with our free app for Windows Phone 7, you can easily view website and server status directly on your mobile phone. Just a touch of the screen is all it takes to view the availability of your websites and servers, along with the latest alerts. You can also easily manage your Uptrends account settings.

Our app lets you view the status of each probe in your Uptrends account, with just a touch of the screen on your Windows Phone 7. If your website or server is down or responding slowly, you will know immediately. It’s the quick, easy way to stay on top of your Web presence and ensure optimal performance.

The Uptrends Windows Phone 7 app is feature-rich and easy to use. It gives a range of powerful tools:

  • Receive downtime alerts as push notifications to your iPhone. Get push notifications when your site is up again.
  • A clear, color-coded overview of your websites and servers, showing their status and uptime percentages
  • A history of alerts for your websites and servers
  • User-settable refresh rate, notifications and sounds for peak time and off-peak time
  • Probes and alerts that can be turned on/off
  • Optional instant browsing
  • Extensive options for sorting and filtering

Download and install the Uptrends Windows Phone 7 app. It’s free!

The Uptrends app for Windows Phone 7 is free of charge and easy to implement. Simply go to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and search for "uptrends website monitoring". Once you have installed the Uptrends Windows Phone 7 app, enter your Uptrends account ID and password. If you aren’t currently an Uptrends customer, please use our free 4-week trial to monitor your website or servers.

Uptrends will monitor your website from the end-user perspective with a real browser, just the way a real visitor, user or customer would. That means we experience the website exactly as your target audience does. Uptrends has its own, fully redundant monitoring network with checkpoints in different cities and countries around the world. So, if there is downtime or a slow page on your site, you will receive an alert via your mobile phone, e-mail, RSS or IM. Uptrends also offers detailed reports about availability, loadtime and error types. Uptrends, with offices in the U.S. and Europe, has more than 1,500 loyal customers in 23 countries. Service is our business, and we perform with integrity. Click here to sign up for a free 4-week trial.