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Uptrends Transaction Recorder

Monitoring Checkpoints

Monitor your website, servers, and more - globally

Staying in sync with your website, server, and web service uptime is critical to quickly troubleshooting problems in the event of downtime. Uptrends goes above and beyond the call, helping you determine where in the world downtime occurred, with over 222 global monitoring checkpoints scanning your services 24/7.

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Mobile Apps Free

For Android and iOS

Free time is a precious commodity. Take your off-hours back, but still be in the know, with our Uptrends mobile apps. They help you view your server, web application, and website status updates and performance, from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even receive instant push notifications in the event of an error or downtime!

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Uptrends Mobile Apps
Uptrends Transaction Recorder

Transaction Recorder Free

Record your website transactions in a few easy steps

The Uptrends Transaction Recorder for the Google Chrome browser makes it easy to record and upload your website and web application multi-step transactions, for monitoring from the Uptrends service.

To use the recorder extension you will need an Uptrends account and the Google Chrome web browser.

Install Recorder from Chrome Webstore

Uptrends Infra Secure Agent Free

Install and connect for internal server monitoring

The Uptrends Infra Agent is a secure, lightweight application that runs inside of a firewalled network. Typically the Infra Agent is installed on a server, but it can also run on a desktop PC or laptop.

Note: This software is required in order to securely monitor servers and network devices located within a firewall with the Uptrends Infra service. You will also need an Uptrends Infra account.

Download Windows Agent Download Linux Agent (Beta)
Uptrends Infra Agent
Uptrends API

Uptrends API

It’s your data, use it the way you want!

The Uptrends API allows you to modify probe and probe group information directly in your Uptrends account. The API is a web service that uses a REST interface to perform basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on Uptrends entities. It also lets you retrieve the data from your account. This includes the current status of your monitors, statistics of the performance of your monitors and groups, and the alerts history of your monitors.

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