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Want to know where to find things in the Uptrends application? Well, you’re in the right place! In this lesson, we’ll help you get to know the interface.

Main Menu

The Main Menu (visible in blue) contains the controls for the creation, editing, and accessing of: monitors, dashboards, alerts, SLAs, and tools, as well as viewing your account details and support documentation.

Quick Action Menu

The Quick Action Menu (visible in gray) contains the controls for quickly filtering and manipulating your dashboard data, and creating new resources that are appropriate for the dashboard you’re looking at.

Tiles & Tile Menus

Tiles are visual representations of collected monitoring data, contained within a dashboard. Each tile contains an individual Tile Menu, which provides customizable configuration and filtering options that help you view your data in different ways.

Examples of tile configurations include: displaying monitors or monitor groups of your choosing, individually filtering data by period, etc.

Tile Menus can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon that appears when you hover over a tile with your cursor.


A dashboard is a grouping of related tiles designed to help you efficiently perform data-related tasks, such as troubleshooting and reporting on data trends.

A variety of dashboards come pre-configured in your Uptrends account, sorted by type under the “Dashboards” dropdown on the Main Menu.

It is also possible to create custom dashboards containing tiles of your choosing.

Do you think you and the interface are now on a first name basis? Great!