We recently introduced the Multi-step API monitor type, which is capable of executing sequences of HTTP requests - typically something you need for API monitoring.

We've been testing this new monitor type extensively, and we're now making these new functions available to all Uptrends Business and Enterprise customers as part of a beta program. The conditions of the beta program are as follows:

  • The intention of the API monitoring beta is to give customers early access to the full range of new features. The new monitor type is fully supported. All existing terms and conditions for the Uptrends service also apply to Multi-step API monitoring.
  • If you have a Business or Enterprise account, you have full access to the new monitor type. You don't need to request access to the beta program.
  • We are still adding new functions to Multi-step API monitoring. Those new functions will become available automatically.
  • As those new functions become available, we'll need to install them on our checkpoint server network. This will be a rolling deployment, which means that new functions will initially be available on a limited number of locations, until we've finished updating our network. This procedure may vary on a case by case basis. Please contact Support if you have specific questions about this.
  • The new monitor type is stable, but certain edge cases may yield incomplete results. Please let us know if you see unexpected results.
  • Right now, the Uptrends application/portal shows the new monitor settings and data in English, even if you are using Uptrends in a different language. We expect to update the Dutch, French and German versions soon.
  • Right now, each step you add to a Multi-step API monitor counts as one (basic) monitor. For example, if you create a setup with three steps (which means we'll execute three HTTP requests), that API monitor will count as three basic monitors. Please make sure you have enough monitors available in your account. Please also be aware that the cost structure of API monitoring is subject to change. We will actively inform our customers about any pricing updates.

Which API monitoring features can I expect?

Even though the following is not a formal roadmap, we intend to add the following features. New features will be published on our change log as they become available.

  • More authentication support, including Basic, NTLM and Digest authentication. Note: OAuth-based authentication is already possible today.
  • Additional reporting that allows you to inspect the average duration for each individual step. Note: the step duration is already visible for individual measurements. Click on a monitor check in the monitor log to see the details.
  • Client certificate support
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • Display of the IP addresses we resolved
  • Step duration separated out between DNS resolve time and HTTP load time.
  • Please share your ideas!

How can I deliver my feedback?

If you participate in the beta program by using the new Multi-step API monitor type, you can help further stabilize and expand the monitoring functions by sending us feedback. At this stage, we may be able to fit in your functional requests quickly! Your feedback is highly appreciated; please submit a support ticket.