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The waterfall report is available for Full Page Check (FPC) monitor types, and the report is one of Uptrends' most comprehensive performance reports. The interactive report gives detailed information on the timing for each page element's

  • Resolve,
  • TCP connect,
  • HTTPS handshake,
  • Send,
  • Wait,
  • Receive, and
  • Timeouts.

You also get the full request and response headers for each transmission.

Opening the waterfall report

To open the waterfall report:

  1. Select Monitor Log from the Analysis section of the Dashboards option on the Main menu.
      Monitors log on the Dashboards menu

  2. Locate the FPC monitor in the All monitors tile.
  3. Click on a check result to open the waterfall report.

    All Monitors Tile on the Monitors Log Dashboard
Note: Need help to understand the waterfall report? We've got you covered.